Lubuak Tampuruang

Water flow on shell Lubuk mountain water comes from Nago. In the area of water flow in the mountains have been formed under tampuruang (coconut shell). In Lubuak can contain only 5 to 10 people in it. The flow of water away form the waterfall. This area of people crowded at the time of entering the month of Ramadan to perform the ritual balimau. To reach the area we have to go through the hills. From the top of the hill we could see the city of Padang and the sea and the scenery is pristine. Journey to the item takes approximately 3 hours round trip. But before getting to our site via irrigation Sugai Guo with an interesting view along the rivers. The flow of the river from irrigation comes from Lubuk Shell River. In the area of the river there is also a legend of the cave there are tigers in the vicinity of the cave river.


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