West Sumatra has beautiful region and very famous in Indonesia which has multifarious culinary and delicious foods, known as “Masakan Padang”.  And once again “Welcome to the Land of Beauty and Matrilineal System, The Land MINANGKABAU”.

West Sumatra famous with Minangkabau is truly an exotic land with a tapestry of emerald green rice fields, shimmering Indian Ocean, 7th volcanic mountains (just 4th in active), 4th tranquil lakes, a fascinating and gentle culture and an abundance of smiles. The nagari (region) is famous for its hospitable people whose love for the arts, music and dance embodies their philosophy of life and unique culture with Matrilineal system be the single system in Indonesia. West Sumatranese is predominantly Moslem, the Minangkabaunese have preserve tradition and their origin culture, which there’s been centuries since period old forefather.

West Sumatra landscape is as spectacular as it is varied. A range of 4th volcanic mountains in the centre of the Sumatra island, stretching from East to West, north to south has a fertile although lowlands. Deep crater lakes on Singgalang Mountain make it one a big and nice Waterfall, This waterfall is known as “Aia tajun Lembah Anai” supply of life-giving water that is channeled into irrigation of the rice fields from whence comes the staple diet. Other than we has many nice places with different viewed.

We have a nice Valley at “Lembah Harau”, nice cave at “Ngalau Indah”, nice famous canyon is known as “Ngarai Sianok”, and then we have many beach and many nice small islands with white sand like a pearl at “Sikuai”,”Cubadak”, “Sironjong”,”Pagang” and others. We have many Historycal and Heritages places and clean rivers. And we have a big and nice waves in Mentawai Archipelagos, is truly exotic island with native people and native culture, at south and north Siberut Island is very good for play surfing, because there have many spot surf for International level. Mentawai waves has 3rd ranking Top 50 waves in the world after Hawaii and Tahiti. And others nice places in West Sumatra.

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