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TdS 2013, 7 Stages Through 17 Beautiful Districts

Padang is the capital and largest city of West Sumatra. This city became point of transit and transport hub for traveler visiting tourist attractions around West Sumatra, served by Minangkabau International Airport, Port of Teluk Bayur and Bengkuang Bus Terminal. Travellers can try surfing or trekking on the Batu and Mentawai islands, or heading to the hill town of Bukittinggi or toKerinci Seblat National Park. Padang itself is well-known for ‘gastronomic and shopping tourism’. Rendang which is listed number one dish in the list “The World’s 50 Most Delicious Foods” by CNN International in 2011 originated from Padang. The other beautiful tourist objects in this city are Air Manis Beach, Padang Beach, Museum Adityawarman and Sarasah Banyak Gariang Waterfall.

Museum Adityawarman

Air Manis Beach

Pelabuhan Muaro Harbor

Padang Beach

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Tour de Singkarak 2013

Tour de Singkarak 2013
2 – 9 June 2013










Sunday, June 02ND – Stage 1

Bukittinggi – Bonjol, 104 km




Monday, June 03RD – Stage 2
Payakumbuh – Lake Singkarak, 124.5 km





Tuesday, June 04TH – Stage 3
Padang Panjang – Istano Basa Pagaruyung, 206.5 km





Wednesday, June 05TH – Stage 4
Sijunjung – Pulau Punjung, 189.5 km




Thursday , June 06TH – Stage 5

Sawahlunto – Muara Labuh, 138.5 km






Saturday , June 08TH – Stage 6
Pariaman – Painan, 144.5 km










Sunday , June 09TH – Stage 7
Padang Pariaman – Padang Circuit, 143.5 km

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Places of Interest

Pisang Ketek Island

Pisang Ketek Island is really close to Air Manis beach. It is about 1 km from Air Manis beach. The dominant vegetations are coconut trees, the surface inclination is 0 – 15 meter of the sea level. Waves are of medium size to the south. In low tides, the tourists may stroll to the island from air manis beach. Suitable activities for this island are natural landscape, adventures, legends, swimming, sailing, surfing for beginners and camping.