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Lubuak Tampuruang

Water flow on shell Lubuk mountain water comes from Nago. In the area of water flow in the mountains have been formed under tampuruang (coconut shell). In Lubuak can contain only 5 to 10 people in it. The flow of water away form the waterfall. This area of people crowded at the time of entering the month of Ramadan to perform the ritual balimau. To reach the area we have to go through the hills. From the top of the hill we could see the city of Padang and the sea and the scenery is pristine. Journey to the item takes approximately 3 hours round trip. But before getting to our site via irrigation Sugai Guo with an interesting view along the rivers. The flow of the river from irrigation comes from Lubuk Shell River. In the area of the river there is also a legend of the cave there are tigers in the vicinity of the cave river.


Nature & Adventure

Bungus Beach, Resembling a Crescent Beach

Pantai BungusBungus beach is beautiful natural scenery, the shape resembles a crescent beach.  Bungus beach dominated by the Impressive hills which tower above the pleasant ricefield the crescent shaped bay is unspoilt. The beaches with white sand that is suitable and perfect place for a variety of recreation such as to relax, sunbathing, swimming or hire canoes, surfboats and snorkeling equipment and boats to the islands nearbay. The islands just 5- 15 miles to south of the beach. Two of them, Sikuai and Cubadak islands are developed as tourist resort. A short journey (4 KM) from losmen carlos Bungus beach is beautiful 3 pool waterfall set in A Tropical rainforst.

Getting There
Bungus beach located in a quiet bay Bungus, 20 kilometers south of Padang, West Sumatera. Just 45 minutes to 1 hour from Padang city by Opelet (minibus). Pick a blue Opelet in town for 5000 Rp started from 5.30 AM until 8.00 PM, Oplets or buses are available at oplet terminal. JI. M. Yamin in Padang. There is sign Bungus Teluk Kabung at the oplet shelter. Also, you can rent a manual motorbike in Carlos or Tintin for 50,000 or 60,000 Rp, depending on your bargaining skills. If you need more convenient way, takes a taxi.Bungus Beach

To Do
Beach umbrellas and chairs available for sunbathing. Warm seawater and is safe for swimming. From here, you can explore nearest ocean to the coast of Padang such as Sikuai and Cubadak islands. To get there, you can rent a boat or a sailboat in the Bungus citizens. From Bungus beach to the islands takes ± 75 minutes. If you do not want to wasteful of energy, enough to relax on the beach while enjoying the sunset at this amazing bay. Sitting under the shade of coconut trees surrounding the beach is also exciting, it was a beautiful palm beach. Or eat seafood and other dishes at the restaurants that dotted the shore. There is one activity that is often did the travelers of Bungus beach, which is fishing. There was silence waves will provide for your own pleasure. About the inn, there are resort around the beaches that you can use to relax after a day of sightseeing.

The beach is available tourist facilities such as beach umbrellas and chairs for sunbathing. There are many homestays along the beach with reasonable price and restaurants as well, here’s some of them :

1. Losmen Carlos (
Telp. +6281363973411,
3  Beach Cottages, with a nice view of the evening sunset.
There are basic rooms for Rp.100,000. With bathroom outside,
There are 2 rooms at Rp.75,000.
Pickup from Padang Rp. 120,000.
On the evening, if there are enough tourists, Carlos will pay a guitarist to play around a beach fire.
You can book an island day-trip for Rp.200,000 per person including lunch on the island.

2. Losmen Tintin.
Not far from Carlos, similar family guesthouse next to the beach.
Very basic rooms from Rp.50,000

Places of Interest

Go There: Kandui Resort, Indonesia

Where: Kandui Resort lies roughly 80 miles off the Indonesian island of Sumatra and is located right in the middle of one of the world’s most prolific wave regions-commonly known as “Playgrounds” in the Mentawai Island chain in the Indian Ocean.

What: Whether it’s the super-heavy, world-class barrels of Rifles or Kandui Left, or the mellow, beginner-friendly spots like Beng Beng or Four Bob’s, or anything in-between, Kandui Resort has quick boat access to it.

When: A little known fact about the Mentawais is that it breaks year-round. In fact, the “Day Of The Year” at Rifles in 2006 occurred in mid-October, when there were hardly any charter boats at sea-and just a lucky few out at what’s considered one of the world’s best rights. That said, the most consistent swell window is from April through September.

Why: Because there’s something for everyone. For every ten-foot, board-snapping Kandui barrel, there’s a mellow spot just around the corner that the Kandui guides will be happy to ferry you over to. It goes beyond the epic surf, though, and no expense has been spared in the development of the resort: in-room wireless Internet, carb and protein-loaded grinds (can’t surf for six hours straight on fruit alone), a kick-ass speed boat, a super friendly staff, and exquisitely built umas (bungalows) greet you upon arrival.

How: Unless you’re coming from Australia, getting there is definitely not the funnest part of your Kandui experience. Here’s how it goes: LAX to Singapore (which usually includes a layover somewhere), Singapore to Jakarta, Jakarta to Padang, then an overnight ferry (or half-hour plane ride to a neighboring island) out to Kandui Island for almost three days of travel. We recommend flying Singapore Airlines where boards fly free (the hot Asian flight attendants don’t hurt, either).

Where To Stay: The traditionally built umas are sweet. Fabricated out of native wood, umas blend both the ancient Mentawaiian culture (meticulously carved posts) with more modern creature comforts like wireless Internet, air conditioning, and mini fridges.

Places To Eat: Only one option here, but it’s a good one. The restaurant/bar (currently unnamed) is the official meeting spot for post-surf grub and grog and footy checks in the evening. A typical dinner consists of roasted chicken, potatoes, salad, assorted fruits and veggies, and a dessert. It’s buffet style, too, so you never leave hungry.

Dudes And Babes: Bring your own. While a non-surfer would most likely get bored, Kandui is a perfect spot to bring your surf-stoked girlfriend/boyfriend no matter what level they are.

Crowd Factor: The Playgrounds region is the most popular spot in the Mentawais for all the boat charters, and crowds are a factor at the standout spots or when only a few places are breaking.  The guides at Kandui have a knack (and a very quick speedboat) at beating the crowds though, and they’re experts at getting you into good, un-crowded surf ahead of the slow boats.

Stuff To Bring: Sunscreen, lots and lots of it. Don’t bother with SPF 15, either, the Mentawais are just a few degrees off the equator and the sun is brutally strong. Board-wise, you’d ideally bring your two best shortboards, a step-up mini gun, and something even bigger for Bankvaults and other big and scary, open ocean waves. Extra surf gear (leashes, trunks, fins, tees) for the workers is always a nice way to repay their kindness and assistance in and out of the water, too.

If The Surf Is Flat: Celebrate being off the grid by reading a book, taking a nap, snorkeling the reef in front of the resort, fishing (dorado, tuna, Spanish mackerel, etc.) hike the tsunami bridge (tested and approved during the September ’07 earthquakes) to the middle of the island, or just kick back in the bar and regale your fellow guests with surf stories while drinking two-dollar beers.

Helpful Web Sites: Everything you need to know about Kandui Resort, including a day-to-day surf report, thorough descriptions on the breaks, photos, videos, and more can be found at