Triathlon Race Tour 2011

Triathlon Tour organized by the government of Padang is a collaboration between the Department of Culture and Tourism with the Department of Youth and Sports. This event will be held on Sunday April 10, 2011.
Triathlon This tour is open to the public with the following conditions:
Individual participants, the public, the TNI, Police, Club Sports, Government / Private sector, universities and senior high school.

Specifically the requirements for participants are;
1. Special Men
2. Age above 17 Years
3. Regulated Health
4. Swimming Ability
5. Having its own completeness race
6. free registration

Total prize which will be contested by 36 million rupiah is a Trophy and Cash
race starts (starting line) on the GOR H. Agus Salim Padang and Finish at Lake Cimpago, with the route as follows:

Pool 50 M (Banda Bekali / Road inspection)

Cycling 12.5 KM (GOR – Jl. Khatib Sulaiman – Jl. Juanda – Jl. S. Parman – Jl. Veteran – Jl. Pemuda – Jl. Diponegoro – Jl. Hayam Wuruk – Jl. Nipah – Jl. Muaro Batang Harau – Disbudpar office Jl. Samudera)

Running 2.4 KM (Disbudpar Office, Jln. Samudera – Lake Cimpago)
Registration begins on March 5, 2011 until 8 April 2011

For more information and the registration can be done at:

Department of Youth and Sports of Padang
Jl. Batang Anai No.12 GOR H Agus Salim Padang
Tel. 0751 7051671 during office hours
Contact Person Hazmi (081 374 758 029)

Department of Culture and Tourism City of Padang
Jl. Samudera No. 1 Padang
Telp. 0751 34186 during office hours
Contact Person ISKANDAR (0751 9410080)

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