The Color Orange Carocok Beach Painan

Painan Beach pride of the citizens in the more beautiful when the orange rays sunset. Semburat mentari the rebound above the sea surface drift off of the bridges that connect the wood in some areas where the tourism object carocok beach Painan, a scene that is very romantic.

Beach is located approximately 2 km from the market Painan is already very popular in West Sumatra, South carocok into the main tourism object in coastal South District.

Word of the visitor, there are some who say the beauty of this Carocok Beach Painan not lose the beauty of beaches in Malaysia, Genting Island, The Beach at the grave in the island with a very professional management.

Had Carocok Beach Painan was equipped with a variety of infrastructure, not possible domestic and international tourists will make a destination Carocok Beach Painan.

Regions in the tourism object Carocok Beach Painan this there are also several other attractions, such as Batu Island Train, Cingkuk Island and Kandang Jawi Beach.

Stone Island Railway, this is the tip of the¬† hills langkisau ¬†island’s to the sea. Island is linked with the mainland coast carocok, before the stone bridge was built kareta this can only be achieved by walking the tide again surut. Dan at sea tide Kareta Stone This became an island separated from the mainland coast carocok.

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