Painan City, Beautiful City At West Sumatera

carocok beachPainan, is a small town in south West Sumatra Province . Painan City is also the capital of Pesisir Selatan Distric .Now synonymous with the Painan City.Because Nagari Painan whole region including Nagari Painan.This regulation since the Province of West Sumatra said that the lowest in western Sumatra is Nagari.

Before returning to Nagari, Painan city divided into four sub-villages namely North Painan, sub-villages Painan East, South and sub villages Sungai Nipah.A respective villages led by a headman. After returning to Nagari.Nagari Painan by a guardian who is assisted by four heads villages.This headman Nort Painan , South Painan village Head, Head Painan East Village and the village of Sungai nipah. Administratively into the City of Painan including Nagari Painan, District IV sequence, South Coastal District.

cingkuak islandPainan a city approximately 15 thousand people with various professions, among others: goverment of civilians, fishers, traders and farmers. Painan city surrounded by hills and the sea north of the Goat with a standing height of a hill approximately 100 m, in the eastern mountain chain / Kerinci Seblat National Park (TNKS), in the western hills have Langkisau and south Painan Bay / Ocean Indonesia.
Painan city also passed by a river that is pinang large trunk rivers or better known as the stem Painan.

Painan consisting of a mix between the hills and the beach has a beautiful nature, among which serve as tourist attractions are: Carocok Painan Beach this beach town located on the west Painan, approximately two kilometers from the center Painan city features the beautiful scenery , this sand tour has built bridges that connect the Carocok beach with the Batu kareta island. This object very busy tour visited by the tourists both local and from outside the region.

langkisau hillLangkisau Hill, hill about this new three-year tour as an object is opened, since the road to make top of the hill Langkisau .Panoramic in the top Langkisau hill this very beautiful,you can see Painan city, Nagari salido And several small islands in the waters around Painan be clearly visible from the peak of this hill. Hill langkisau this increasingly popular to Indonesia and entire world because this is perfect for sports paragliding. the day more and more people are coming to langkisau hill gliding both local and international tourist . A artist who most often came to the hill for langkisau main Bucek Deep is Forum.

Timbulun waterfall, this waterfall is located in the city of East Painan is approximately three kilometers from the center of city.Air consists of several levels with different levels of height different level first at approximately 17 meters, at this place can be bath, because there pool.second level-guess approximately 25 meters, this waterfall sloping, very beautiful, at the third height is approximately 12 meters and the level of the fourth waterfall stood upright about 10 meters.

Before the middle of Sumatra used to be divided into three provinces of West Sumatra, Riau and Jambi.Painan also the Capital District Coastal south / Kerinci (PSK).
Besides Painan City also has two Sports Building the GOR Ilyas Yakob at Rawang and GOR Zaini Zein in Pincuran Boga.

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