The Rainbow Waterfall in Lembah Mengirai

The 15 M high waterfall, name is Timbulun waterfall, situate at Nagari Lubuk Gadang. It is about more less 2 KM from capital of region district of South Solok/ Solok Selatan, and more less 161 KM from Padang city. The location of Timbulun waterfall is so strategic, its on west side of Muara labuh – Padang Aro highway. The views of waterfall so beautiful and exotic, and the waterfall itself is the flow of Batang Liki river.

The other waterfall in Nagari Lubuk Gadang is Tangsi 4 Mitra Kerinci Waterfall, high about 20 M with 2 levels waterfall. It is situate about 8 KM from Padang Aro. The location of waterfall is at Sungai Lambai – nagari Lubuk Gadang- Sangir sub district, it’s so unique, because to reach this waterfall we have to walk along a narrow path, in the middle of a tea plantation. To come to these tourism object from Padang city/ Minangkabau International Airport, we can use public transportation; such as public minibus (charges about Rp. 50.000,-), and rental car (about Rp. 450.000,- per a day)

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