Padang Mangateh, New Zealand version of West Sumatra

Padang MangatehPadang Mangateh is located in Jalan Padang Mangateh, sub-district Luhak, District 50 Kota, West Sumatra. Located 12 km from Payakumbuh or 136 km from the capital of West Sumatra, Padang.

Padang Mangateh is a farm complex which has an area of 280 hectares and is situated at the foot of Mount Sago. At least 1250 cows inhabit the green grass. Padang Mangateh which is 700-900 meters above sea level has a very mild climate with a temperature of 18-28 degrees Celsius when the weather is normal.

Padang Mangateh is also dubbed as the New Zealand version of Indonesia for comprehensive view of the savannah grasslands like Australia and New Zealand with a hilly view and the cow is very much.

Greener pastures soothing eye, make you feel satisfied and make Padang Mangateh be a beautiful spot for pre wedding photos. Many couples who perpetuate their romantic moments on this farm.

padang mangateh prewed

Padang Mangateh

Padang Mangateh

padang mangateh


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