Mount Merapi

Mount Merapi is located nearby Bukit tinggi around the district of Agam and the district of Tanah  Datar, West Sumatera Province,   Indonesia.

Mount Merapi or usually called  Berapi is 2891,3 meters above the sea level. As one of the most active volcanoes  in Sumatra, the Mount   Merapi has erupted for  454 times since the 18th century until present. Fifty explosions  were in huge scale; otherwise, the others were small explosions.

Mount Merapi is the most frequently visited tourism destinations among the others. It has already a permanent footpath as a way to the peak of the mountain that will make the climbers easier to reach the top. The climbers will also find some blossoming edelweiss around the slap of the mountain. It needs approximately 1, 5 hours to reach the destination from Padang city or Ketapang   Airport. If you start the trip from Bukit tinggi, it will spend about thirty minutes by land using public transportations. Its cost is about Rp. 15.000,00 – Rp. 20.000,00 to reach the destination by any public transportation.

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