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Restoran Sederhana: Padang Fare

restoran sederhana padangThe water feature which forms part of the facade of the restaurant captured my sight. The restaurant, as in most parts of Bt Tinggi is very clean indeed. It serves local Padang food where all their dishes are spread out for you and you may find repeated dishes being served. You, however pay for only what you eat at the end of it.
One of the best padang fare I have come across. Beware that most of their dishes are hot and spicy.

The fish dish served with thick creamy coconut gravy.

Location: Main road to Bukit Tinggi

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Specific Food

Besides having a wide variety of attractive tourist sites, West Sumatra could be said to be a heaven for people whi like to try new, exciting cuisine.  In Bukittinggi alone, there is nasi kapau (rice and spicy condiments) – which has become famous all over the Indonesian archipelago.

The Bukitiinggi administration has especially provided space for the sellers  of this specific rice menu from the Kapau region.  This space is known as los lambuang and is located in Pasar Teleng.  Other dishes such as sate (meat skewered on a stick) and ketupat sayur, a specific dish from the Pitalah area, can be found all over West Sumatra. Read more

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