Specific Food

Sate Syukur

To the city of Padang Panjang mild taste less complete without enjoying the sate Syukur. In addition to the artist never visited, and almost all the cultural ministry, sate berkuah yellow has enjoyed three head of Asean countries, President SBY, Prime Minister of Malaysia Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Singapore Prime Minister Chok Tong Gooh.
So that we get to this location is very easy, because here there are two bofet Syukur sate, the first is located in the region M. Syafei market of Padang Panjang, while the bottom two in Silaiang, namely in the street-Padang Padang Panjang.

Sate Syukur name is taken from the name of the pioneer business itself, namely Syukur Rajo Enda in five tens.

According to the head bofet sate Syukur Syukur Syfaril (successor business sate gratitude), which is used Ketupat made from rice of choice, while Satenya made of meat Padang Panjang famous tasty. Before then burned meat flavored boiled, sliced thin ditusuk, new burned. and sauce made from yellow stir the water, rice flour, red pepper, salt, spice turmeric, ginger, ginger, garlic, onion, Serai, spring onion, lime leaves. That is why sate Syukur become so special in the hearts of visitors.

Art & Culture


randaiRandai in Minangkabau history has a long history. Perhaps it is reported he had played by the people of Padang Panjang Pariangan when society was successfully capture the deer out of the sea. Randai in Minangkabau society is an art that is played by several people or groups in the sense group, where randai in this story that there were, as the story Cindua Mato, Malin Deman, Anggun Nan Tongga, and other folklore. Randai aims to reassure the public is usually held at the party or the people on holiday Idul Fitri.
Randai is played by the main duty will be the story, the main amount of this can be one person, two, three or more depending on the stories that were, in the present and the main playing the part of it or be surrounded by other members that aims to enliven event.
Initially Randai media is to convey the story or stories of the people through gurindam or lyric that played, which comes from movements Silat Minangkabau. But in its development Randai adopted figure style and dialogue in the theatricals like groups Dardanela. So, Randai is in the first media to convey the stories of the people, and less appropriate if Randai called Theater Minangkabau tradition, although in its development Randai adopted the style or story telling theater or theatrical dialogue.