Timbulun, Waterfall of Painan

Painan, a small city located in south West Sumatra province that also has a waterfall that is very beautiful.

Waterfall timbulun that’s the name of the waterfall.
Waterfall which consists of four levels is very much visited by the tourists both foreign and local.

Waterfall on the first level high about 15 meters, second level high about 30 meters, at the level of this waterfall is quite horizontal,to third level of approximately 11 meter high waterfall is straight vertical, the water level of the four high approximately 9 meters also vertical vertical.

Waterfall beside this timbulun as tourism in the City of Painan also in use as a source of drinking water by PDAM Painan.

Still beautiful surrounding nature, forests, national parks seblat Kerinci (TNKS). Waterfall is very good as a bath-tub, the water is very clear and cool.
Go ahead, take your time to visit the waterfalls of pride rang Painan this

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