Specific Food


Rendang (randang), the ethnic food of West Sumatra Province (Minangkabau), is made of coconut curry and meat as the main ingredient. It is a favourite food of local inhabitants for its delicious and luscious taste.

Randang is considered for having reputable position among Minangkabau people remembering its philosophy in daily life. Minang people believe that the main ingredients of randang, consisting of dagiang (meat), karambia (coconut), lado (chilli), and pemasak (flavours), contain certain philosophies. Dagiang is a symbol of mores leader or in local language, niniak mamak. Karambia, as supporting ingredient, symbolizes the intellectual figures (in local language called cadiak pandai). Lado (chilli) represents religious scholars who must be strict-decision makers and the last one is pemasak (flavours) connoting Minang people.

The distinction of this food is on its flavour having multifarious colours, black, brown and even in some restaurants, typical restaurant for Minang culinary is called Rumah Makan Padang, you will discover randang with red colour of its flavour.

It is common that randang has hot taste, but at the end, it just depends on the taste of each restaurant. For you who have ever came to Padang, tasting randang made of indigenous people surround, you will find some differences from other Rumah Makan Padang outside Padang City, West Sumatra Province. Besides the taste that is stronger, the hot taste is spicier.

Longer it is cooked, more delicious the randang will be. For you who cannot consume it in a day, you may keep randang for some next days by heating it without adding some flavour anymore. It will be more delicious after being heated for several times.

Randang can be found at all restaurants in West Sumatra Province considering randang is the most popular food there. You will also find some menus coming from other provinces there.

There is no serious problem to find randang in West Sumata Province. After being in Padang City, you will find Rumah Makan Padang easily.

Other favourite menus such as dendeng, balado, gulai asam, and padeh can also be found in some Rumah Makan Padang in West Sumatra Province. For appetizers, there are numerous juice or egg teas.

Nature & Adventure

Mount Singgalang

There are many mounts in West Sumatera province, one of them is Mount Singgalang that is located in Agam district. It is at an altitude of  2.877 meters.

Mount Singgalang covers some forestry areas, the Dipterocarpaceae Hilly Forest, the Dipterocarpaceae Upper Forest, the Montane Forest and theEricaceous Forest (Mountainous Forest). The Dipterocarpaceae Hilly Forest is at an altitude of 300 meters to 750 meters with the main plants are Seraya wood, Keruning wood, and Meranti wood. The Dipterocarpaceae Upper Forest is situated at an altitude of  750 – 1.200 meters with Meranti Bukit wood, and Damar Minyak wood as the main plants. The Montane Forest lies at an altitude of 1.200 to 1.500 meters above sea level with Mempening wood, Berangan wood, Damar Minyak wood and Podo wood as the main plants. The Ericaceous Forest or mountainous forest is located at an altitude of 1.500 meters with Kelat wood, Periuk Kera wood as the main plants. On the peak of the mountain, you will find two ponds named “Telaga Dewi” and “Telaga Kumbang.”

Nature & Adventure

Refreshing Maninjau Lake

Maninjau Lake West Sumatra, is one of the most splendid lakes in Indonesia. This volcanic lake is situated more or less 461 meters above sea level. This lake, 100 m2 in size with the maximum depth of 500 meters, is associated with a legend. It is said that from the local folklore called “Bujang Sembilan” (roughly translates as “Nine Young Men”), one of these men died by plunging himself to the crater. The crater then expanded, forming a lake.

Maninjau Lake has a five starred resort located on the top of a hill. With pleasant, inspiring sceneries, staying around Maninjau Lake will be a dazzling experience for you.