Places of Interest

Sibunta Island

Sibunta Island is located 12.5 kilometers from the center of Padang. Can be reached by speedboat in 20 minutes from Pandan Island and about 18 minutes from the city of Padang. Sibunta Island Region 1 to 1.5 ha, with the condition of 4-5 meters wide on the beach around the island. Almost all of the center of the island is covered by forest vegetation with tree species aru, coconuts, sago. The island has a height of 1-2 meters from sea level. The island is very clear water, small waves on the west
and there are many coral reefs among other Acropora species, Pocciliciopra and others. Like the other small islands of this island is not inhabited permanently, as a haven for fishermen.

News & Events

Tour de Singkarak 2010

tdsTour de Singkarak is the international event for bicycle race at West Sumatera, Indonesia. Tour de Singkarak aim is to provide a memorable sport tourism experience as the tour combines bicycle race and tourism, in order to inspire the imagination of champions and excite enthusiasts throughout the event.

The first race was done successfully from april 29th to may 3rd 2009. It was made up of 4 stages; Padang-Bukittingi (92.3 kms), Bukittinggi-Sawahlunto (85.1 kms), Sawahlunto-Lake Singkarak (90.2 kms), Lake Singkarak-Lake Kembar-Lake Singkarak (188 kms), and award a total prize money of US$60,000

Successful conduct of international cycling event “Tour de Singkarak 2009”, will be started again with the advanced series held “Tour de Singkarak 2010″ on June 2010, a more vibrant, lively and weighted.

This event had already attract 20 countries beforehand only 15 countries, which they use the Stage Longer divided into 7 Stage before the race that only 4 Stage. The route is also longer than before. It is about 700Km with 6 or 7 spending days.

Here’s Tour de Singkarak 2010 route:

1.       Padang

2.       Padang-Padang Pariaman

3.       Padang Pariaman-Maninjau

4.       Maninjau-Bukittinggi

5.       Padang Panjang-Bukittinggi

6.       Bukittingi -Sawahlunto

7.       Sawahlunto-Singkarak

From Maninjau to Bukittinggi participants will also be challenged through the winding streets of the most famous beauty kelok 44. Start at the Padang, the participants will stay in Maninjau and Bukittinggi. They will race a sprint from Padang Panjang to Bukittinggi. Towards Sawahlunto participants will pass Tanah Datar region and finish in the Singkarak. This event will also be enlivened with a variety of attractions arts in a number of locations. Such as Maninjau and Tanah Datar.

Download Map of Padang Here

Here’s Tour de Singkarak 2010 route:

1. Padang

2. Padang-Padang Pariaman

3. Padang Pariaman-Maninjau

4. Maninjau-Bukittinggi

5. Padang Panjang-Bukittinggi

6. Bukittingi -Sawahlunto

7. Sawahlunto-Singkarak

Nature & Adventure

The Rainbow Waterfall in Lembah Mengirai

The 15 M high waterfall, name is Timbulun waterfall, situate at Nagari Lubuk Gadang. It is about more less 2 KM from capital of region district of South Solok/ Solok Selatan, and more less 161 KM from Padang city. The location of Timbulun waterfall is so strategic, its on west side of Muara labuh – Padang Aro highway. The views of waterfall so beautiful and exotic, and the waterfall itself is the flow of Batang Liki river.

The other waterfall in Nagari Lubuk Gadang is Tangsi 4 Mitra Kerinci Waterfall, high about 20 M with 2 levels waterfall. It is situate about 8 KM from Padang Aro. The location of waterfall is at Sungai Lambai – nagari Lubuk Gadang- Sangir sub district, it’s so unique, because to reach this waterfall we have to walk along a narrow path, in the middle of a tea plantation. To come to these tourism object from Padang city/ Minangkabau International Airport, we can use public transportation; such as public minibus (charges about Rp. 50.000,-), and rental car (about Rp. 450.000,- per a day)