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Solok Regency

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Solok regencySolok Regency is well-known as the largest rice production center in West Sumatra. The famous Lake Singkarak as is the second largest lake in Sumatra, Lake Diatas and Lake Dibawah are located in this regency. Solok Regency is also home for many traditional Gadang house, namely Rumah Gadang 20 Ruang di Sulit Air, Rumah Gadang Cupak, Rumah Gadang Paninggahan, etc. Those houses are now used as cultural centers where various cultural activities are held.

danau diatasLake Diatas

Danau DibawahLake Dibawah

lake singkarak Lake Singkarak

Rumah Gadang Cupak


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Location of Balimau can healing Diseases

Hot Douche Water

Before days fasting, bathing places in the area of Solok Regency has always been a people who want balimau already become traditions from generation to generation.
Some people rate, in addition to valuable sunah, tradition balimau with a bath in places such as bathing lakes, hot water or shower time is also used as place bercengkerama fellow friends and relatives.

In Solok Regency, Lake Singkarak addition, the location also made by the people balimau shower hot water is there in the Jorong Aie Angek, Nagari Koto Anau, Lembang Jaya district.

In addition to relaxing the match enjoy the nature from a height, a shower with hot water containing sulfur is also believed the community could heal diseases, especially skin disease.

Usually, people have started to come to the location of the hot tap water comes from Mount Talang that day, a day before the entry of fasting month. While waiting in the cold come the afternoon and again, people prefer to relaxing in the street not far from the location of hot spring bathing while enjoying the beautiful natural surroundings.