Malin Kundang Mural

Not far from the Malin Kundang Stone is a mural on this legendary story. The mural, drawn by local artist Dasril Bayras that depicts the rise and fall of Malin Kundang – from his childhood, his journey to Siam, his marriage, his return to Padang and finally his misfortune when he was turned into stone. Those who are not familiar with this folkfore can understand the story line by looking at the mural.

Actually they are few versions of this Malin Kundang story. Another similar version which is well known in Malaysia is about a man named Si Tanggang who, just like Malin Kundang, rejected his mother after making a fortune and later was turned into a stone (or a bird in another version of this legendary story). The Si Tanggang story is said to happen in Batu Caves or Batu Gajah in Malaysia. However, unlike here in Padang, there is no evident like the Malin Kundang stone there that could support this man-turn-into-stone claim.

The Malin Kundang/Si Tanggang story was also made into films and dramas. Most recently, the story was adapted into an Indonesian soap opera using the same title. However, the soap opera was given modern touch and twist with the story took place in modern day Padang and Jakarta.


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