Enjoy the Crackle Panorama Lori

Impression that the sharp scrape of this place is really amazing. so beautiful panorama depicts Lori in the north of the city this summer. There we can find the freshness, peace, there we can involving greatness of God. And, there also we felt the crackle limpid water run over rocks, with no Heaven ubahnya string and freshness that is not stopping.

Crackle send a calm tone that is not stopping, reconcile the restless soul, the soul that needs touch love of nature. Freshness and beauty of the panorama to make our float and sink in the hammock that there is no rival.

Lori is adjacent to a bathing Lubuk Minurun is about 10 kilometers north of Padang City is not really known. But once your there, tarikannya difficult released. Scenery there is beautiful and unique. If you are nature-friendly, many types of birds that fly in the outdoors while occasional chirp. Travel to the object that can be implemented with private cars and motorcycles.
If using public transport, you can take advantage of the city transportation department Tabing-Lubuk Minturun and stop at the corner Lori.

Then you can walk as far as 1 km or motorcycles using the service, right on the left you will see the beautiful flowers are arranged along the road. Flowers are sold with a relatively cheap price. Once the flowers are exhausted row, Lori is in front of you.

Lori is a name derived from the tool pemindah goods across the second edge. At this time we can still see the remains of Dutch heritage in the form of foundation and kawatbesinya, but lorinya already raib somewhere to go.
Not far from tebingnya is a shortcut to the Paninggahan Solok that is currently being done. Can be if the road has been completed, of course, this place will be so excellent that every person that becomes very loss passing of it.

While enjoying the crackle of water you will see thousands of fish of the new restrictions forefinger. Besides, this place is also often used as a camper and hiking by the youth.

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