Dancing Plates, and The Courage Estetika

Tari Piring

Dancing is a dance art plates are owned by the Minangkabau people. This dance song that is played accompanied with talempong and saluang, where gerakannya done quickly while holding the plate in their hands. Sometimes dishes are throwing them into the air or to land they menghempaskannya and diinjak by the dancers with naked feet.

tari_piringThis dance has a movement that resembles the movement of the farmers during the planting farming, creating employment and so reap. Dance is also the feeling of joy and gratitude with the results of their plants. Dance is a jig with the dancers holding the plate in the palm of their hands, accompanied with songs played by talempong and saluang. Sometimes, the dishes to air akan dilontar or dihempas to the ground and by dipijak-dancers are dancers. To add elements of aesthetics, magic and surprises in this dance, male and female dancers will tread plate broken without fear nor wound. Spectators will feel terrific when the glass-broken glass and sharp while the dipijak interesting.

Dance art plates is done in a pair or group with a variety of movements performed with the fast, dynamic sound and diselingi plates that berdentik brought in by the dancers. Dancing is a great dish tune even in the neighboring country such as Malaysia.

Usually events made official in West Sumatra Dance presents one of the plates as a form of pelestraian Minangkabau culture. In the school-sekolahpun taught to students in order to perform this dance.

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