Ambacang Hotel

The Ambacang Hotel is located only 20 minutes away from The Minangkabau International Airport. Strategically located in the Prime Street of Padang, The Ambacang Hotel will surely accommodate business travelers as well as tourists seeking a comfortable and luxury hotel that feels like home away from home.If you are keen in seeking information of the history of Padang, The Ambacang is located only 5 minutes away from the Adityawarman Museum ( The Padang National Museum ). As a matter of fact, The Ambacang Hotel was used as the Central Trading Company ( CTC )  and the building of Handelsvereeniging Harmsen Verwey & Dunlop N.V. ( Harmsen Verwey & Dunlop N. V. Trade Center ) during the Dutch occupation. After it has been renovated, it has been rebuild to cater to your luxury holiday in Padang. Now you can experience the atmosphere of the Dutch colonial period in modern times only at The Ambacang Hotel.

The Ambacang Hotel is also surrounded by shopping centers such as The Matahari Department Store, Plaza Andalas and for those of you who likes to seek adventure shopping, you can try and shop at the central market of Padang. There you will find many traditional handicrafts, traditional food, textiles and test your skills in bargaining for the best price.

Jl. Bundo Kandung, No. 14-16
Padang 25119
West Sumatra – Indonesia
Phone : +62 751 39888
Fax : +62 751 39966

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