Air Island, Snorkeling and Marine Park Tourism in Padang City

air islandAir Island is located 2.2 km from Pasie Jambak. Can be achieved by using 2 x 85 PK machine for 18 minutes from Sawo Island, and approximately 1 hour from Pasie Nan Tigo. Air Island has a wide area of 3 hectares, with the topography is relatively flat in other parts rocky and sandy.

Vegetation is dominated by forests with tree species that grow in it aru, and more domanan coconut trees on the beach. The island is very clear water, small waves on the west side, there is a coral reef such as Acropora, Porites and other biota such as sea cucumbers, sea urchins, mushrooms, and various species of fish.

Also on this island there are also many types of lizards and various species of birds have not been identified, the island remained uninhabited, but has always been a haven for fishermen poaching fish. This island is 12,2 km from Pasie nan Tigo and is about 10 km from Pandan Island and Island Sibonta and is 17 km from the center of Padang.




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