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Toran Island

Toran Island has a total area of 13 ha, the distance of this island with Muaro port about 18 km, achievements that takes 30 minutes from the city of Padang to achieve them, or 20 minutes from the island Sibunta using 2 x 85 PK machine. The island has a sloping beach in the south and north is dominated by a very dense forest vegetation and waves from the west and southeast. Conditions like this can be done marine tourism activities, among others: the panorama of nature, adventure, sailing, swimming, diving, fishing, camping, and research.

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Sibunta Island

Sibunta Island is located 12.5 kilometers from the center of Padang. Can be reached by speedboat in 20 minutes from Pandan Island and about 18 minutes from the city of Padang. Sibunta Island Region 1 to 1.5 ha, with the condition of 4-5 meters wide on the beach around the island. Almost all of the center of the island is covered by forest vegetation with tree species aru, coconuts, sago. The island has a height of 1-2 meters from sea level. The island is very clear water, small waves on the west
and there are many coral reefs among other Acropora species, Pocciliciopra and others. Like the other small islands of this island is not inhabited permanently, as a haven for fishermen.

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