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Enjoy the sensation of Flying above Painan

langkisau If you want to fly with the Forum in Langkisau hill, how easy ..!!!
Langkisau hill that is located in the city of Painan. A city that is located in the southern province of West Sumatra which is approximately 88 km from the city of Padang and the long journey around 2 hours by car. Langkisau hill with a height of 214 mdpl take off with the direction of the sea that separated the Indian Ocean, is heaven Forum and tourism has become the icon with a myriad of unique.

langkisau hillLooking up from the city Painan parachute Forum, fly like a kite in the outdoors while enjoying the island chain will add to the list of adventure paraglider, and Salido beach with a white carpet sand a location that’s convenient for landing paraglider.
Another advantage Langkisau hill, we can fly above the city of Painan the landing site is located right in the middle of the city.

But whoa ……. Painan flying over the city could not be made by all pilots especially for beginners, this is very risky because of the narrow landing location and the thermal that never ends.

This is a challenge for pilots who want to try it out.
But do not worry colleagues from the pilot Langkisau Paragliding Club will always accompany and guide you.

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Siti Nurbaya Bridge

Gunung padang/ padang mountain actually is a hill, which are famous with jembatan sitinurbaya/ sitinurbaya bridge, and the grave of sitinurbaya herself. Sitinurbaya is a legend, which are lives among padang citizen. She famous because of her did to refuse to get married with datuak maringgih, the man that her parent want to become her husband. It is the tradition in minangkabau about parent to arrange the man for their doughter to marry with, so in that time no dating.

The sitinurbaya bridge is one of the tourism areas in padang. Locate in south of padang city, about 1 KM, is so easy to reach from downtown by using public transportation or taxi. This tourism destination will crowded in the afternoon till evening with people for enjoying the mouth of the arau river view while eating corn bake or banana bake. Grave of sitinurbaya was laying on slope of gunung padang/ padang mountain, which are have a wonderfull view of the sea.

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Places of Interest

Air Manis

Air Manis 4 kms South of Padang, down the hill and across Batang Arau River is a fishermen village on Padang’s scenic west coast. A rock standing in the water a short distance from the shore is said to be the hull of Malin Kundang’s boat, which shipwrecked in a storm after it was cursed by the defiant young man’s mother.


Bungus 20 kms South of Padang sheltered by a bay, there are two good beaches : Ca¬roli¬na and Karang Tirta.

Anai Resort and Golf Course

Anai Resort and Golf Course. The Anai resort is located in gorgeous natural setting roughly 550 meters above sea level. This resort is incorporating first-class hotel facilities.

Batang Palupuah

Batang Palupuah, 12 km from Bukittinggi, is a refuge for the giant flower Rafflesia arnoldi, blooming only once a year in November. A guide can be obtained from the office at the reserve.

Rimbo Panti Nature Reserve

Rimbo Panti Nature Reserve. Just aside the road to Medan, at the distance of 108 kms from Bukittinggi, this nature and wild life reserve where various monkey species and black panther found in here.

Bung Hatta Forest Reserve

Bung Hatta Forest Reserve. Situated 15 kms from Padang in the direction of Solok, known in the past as the Setya Mulya Botanic Garden. The reserve has giant flower Rafflesia arnoldi.

Batu Basurek

Batu Basurek. A stone with inscriptions in the old Palava script of India, bearing the legend of Adityawarman in the year 1347.

The Twin Lakes

The Twin Lakes (Lake Diatas and Lake Dibawah) 65 km from Padang the two lakes, one a little higher than the other are located at +1000 meters above sea level and covered by thick mist. There are seve¬ral cottages and coffee shops in Lake Diatas resort.

Pagaruyung Kingdom

Pagaruyung Kingdom. Situated at the ouskirt of Batusangkar the capital city of Tanah Datar Regency. In the past, it was the seat of the ancient of Minangkabau Kingdom, Pagaruyung : which at the beginning of its history was ruled by a queen named Bundo Kanduang. Relics of that ancient past are still scaffered over the area among them are Batusangkar stone inscriptions found in some areas.

Lake Singkarak

Lake Singkarak is surrounded with green hills and mountains, the biggest lake in west 129,70 kms square and lies on the Trans Sumatra between Bukittinggi and Solok regency. It is 36 km from Bukittinggi or 86 km from Padang.

Tanjung Alai

Tanjung Alai. Located at 7 kms Lake Singkarak, enjoy gliding in the fresh and coolness of its air.

Mount Talang tea plantation

Mount Talang tea plantation. 35 km from Padang, one of the highest mountains 2,572 meters above sea level has a green and fresh views. From here you can overlook the beautiful Twin Lakes and Lake Singkarak.

The Mystical Rao-rao

The Mystical Rao-rao. Some 15 kilometers from Batusangkar. A village in which the Minangkabau building style is well preserved.

Belimbing Village

Belimbing Village. Some 20 km from Batusangkar, this traditional village has some beautiful old Minangkabau long houses. Around the village one can enjoy the beauty view and traditional social life of Minang¬kabau matriarchal society.

Tabek Patah

Tabek Patah. 30 kilometers from Batusangkar, is a lookout point in the foothills offering a wide open view on the magnificent central Minangkabau countryside.

Batu Sangkar

Batu Sangkar is 41 km southeast of Bukittinggi, a center of the Minang-kabau culture. Megalithic remains found in the area support the theory of a large community li¬ving in the area some 2000 years ago. Many fascinating historical sites were found at Batu Basurek, a stone with inscriptions in the Palava script of India, bearing the le¬gend Adityawarman, the Emperor of Kanaka Mahindra (the island of gold).
Pariaman has 300 years old traditional houses. Make sure to visit the open council grounds with ancient stone seats, the mosque and hot spring.

Ngarai Sianok

Ngarai Sianok is a canyon in a city, a steep colorful valley surrounded by 100 meter cliffs. 4 km from Bukittinggi, there are many tunnels and caves made by the Japa¬nese during WW II. The pathway leads to Koto Gadang that is renowned for its fine silver filigree and hand embroidery.

Pandai Sikek village

Pandai Sikek village is 13 km south of Bukit Tinggi and famous for its hand wo¬ving and carving industry. The village has a thousand of looms and turning out richly colored cloth. Carved wooden ornaments and furniture also made here.

Harau Valley

Harau Valley is 15 km northeast Payakumbuh, 100 to 200 meter steep granite walls shelter this 315 ha fertile valley. It is a nature and wildlife reserve, where wild goats and tigers still roam.

Ngalau Indah Cave

Ngalau Indah Cave can be reach on the way from Bukittinggi to Payakumbuh, it has extend deep into the mountainside. The domain of thousands of bats, the main entrance is the outline of an elephant visible on its face. The pats through these caves lead out to the top of the mountain and panoramic views.

Siberut National Park

Siberut National Park: Using a regular ferry, which regularly sail three times a week in the night from Padang (Muara Padang) to Muara Siberut/Muara Sikabaluan/Muara Saibi. The trip takes approximately 10 hours of sailing. Or use an express ferry that tra¬vels every Thursday morning from Padang to the town of Tuapejat in Sipora Island and then further to the southern part of Siberut Island for only four hours of sailing.


Padang is the capital of West Sumatra; and gateway to the homeland of Minangkabau. Its bustling harbours a crossroads for rubber, cinnamon, coffee, tea and nutmeg. There are Minang houses, prehistoric artifacts, ceramics, manuscripts and modern art. In Kampung Cina (Chinatown) you can wander streets lined with turn-of-the century houses, Chinese herbalist and coffee shops. Good hiking and wonderful views of the city can be had a Bukit Monyet and Gunung Padang.

Lake Maninjau

Lake Maninjau Perhaps the most beautiful lake in Sumatra, Maninjau is far smaller and less developed thas its neighbour lake Toba to the north the road to the lake is famous for its forty four bends oftering superb panoramas as it meaders down to the water’s edge. The lake is punctuated by pretty Moorish styled mosques, perhap designed by some long ago Arab traders who came to her shores. Datted about the lake are small and friendly villages. Mountain bikes for rent ofter a perfect way to explore along the flat roads. Small hotels.


Bukittinggi is the West Sumatra’s center of culture and tourism, nestled in the higlands north of the provincial capital of Padang. It is a pleasant two-hour drive (90 km) from Padang through the gorgeus Anai Valley up to Agam Plateu. Located 930 metres above sea level, it has a cool climate and is surrounded by tree volcanoes: Tandikat, Singgalang and Merapi. The central landmark is the town’s clocktower, reffered by the local people as Jam Gadang. It overlooks the market square, a beehive of activity and fantastic place to do some souvenir shopping. Also worth visiting is the Rumah Gadang Museum, a traditional extended family house built in the 19th century.

Mentawai Islands

Mentawai Islands is made up from four islands: Siberut, Sipora, Pagai Utara and Pagai Selatan. The people of these islands still live in comparative isolation, maintaining their age-old ways. Siberut is an area for trekking and visiting these ancient cultures, and its virgin rain forest, inhabited by a number of some rare monkey’s species. Beautiful co¬ral reefs are found offshore, and its wave is famous for surfing. The best season to visit is January to September.


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