Singkarak Lake

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Lake Singkarak, which lies amid two districts, Solok District and Tanah Datar District, is the uppers course of the Ombilin River and the Anai River. The Anai River’s stream that is functioned for electricity generator in Lubuk Alung, passes by Barisan Hill Lubung Alung.

With approximately 107,8 km squares in width, it is the second number of the largest lakes in Sumatra Island after Lake Toba in North Sumatra. Moreover, the panoramic view, fresh air and clean water of the lake are the distinction from other lakes in Indonesia.

Lake Singkarak, which is at an altitude of 362,5 meters, is inhabited by various species of fishes, one of them is fish bilih (Mystacoleuseus Padangensisi). This species cannot be bred outside from its native habitat, though it is bred on the floating net in Lake Singkarak. For you, there are many rented traditional boats so that you can enjoy the magnificent view and the enthralling atmosphere of the lake.On several occassions, the traditional boats competition is celebrated annually at national level. That is why, many tourists come to the location, watching the competition directly while enjoying the beauty of Lake Singkarak.

To reach the destination, you may choose land transportations from Padang for about 2,5 hours.

You will easily find some hotels or inns around the location. Moreover, restaurants and cafetarias stand in a row along the lakeside, so you can choose whatever you want, based on your taste.

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