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Rabab or fiddle is one of the traditional art Minagkabau a musical instrument played with

a violin ditegakan not like the violin, in general, disandang dibahu while digesek. In this rabab told stories about life in general is customary background / Minang culture.

Rabab closely related to the presence of Islam in the entrance Miangkabau especially the coastal area of the western part of the Sumatra. Rabab famous Minangkabau in the course of ordinary South Coastal Pasisie called Rabab, an art of oral tradition or as “bakaba“. Art tradition rabab pasisie usually show a fitter rabab (violin), a drum craftsman, a craftsman and dendang (usually women). Wind rabab also double as pencerita.

Sekulumit This is the story of my life when rabab enjoy the whole night, after around 1990 after the World Cup in Italy, I leave to the holiday home. Muko-Muko of North Bengkulu (the border-Sumbar Bengkulu) where I worked a while, I through to the coastal road along the west coast Sumatra. Trip starts from Muko-Muko district border entry Pinang City, Lunang, Kambang, Batang Kapas, Painan capital of South Coastal districts, Bungus enter the city with the time of the about 10 hours, while the narrow road, an average of the steep cliff on the line coast, some asphalt road and not in operation.

Travel is tiring enough, but quite consoled with spectacular coastal area of the beautiful blue ocean with the sun glint diterpa blazing noon, sloping beaches with nyiur flow, small islands are scattered, “the foot” small steep waves no dihembas time, fishing boats with a variety of screen color Warni.

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