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Talempong Batu Unique from Talang Anau

batutalempongTalang Anau in Suliki Payakumbuh , there is a tourism object that it is not unique and are sure we will reality. a Talempong made of stone. Talempong is a musical instrument traditional Minangkabau, West Sumatera is normal made of brass metal.made resembles a small gong. Use art to accompany dance, arts randai or as a musical instrument to accompany The time or Minang songs. But is there in the Talempong Talang Anau is not made of metal or the like brass but talempong here made from natural stone which they say was taken from the stones found in the mountains around Talang Anau.

So sound? Do the same with the sound of talempong made of brass material? Once beaten sound same to.Strange is why the sound of stones can be the same as the sound metal.That are unique Stone Talempong in Talang Anau.

If the form is not seen with the same form talempong used in Ranah Minang, talempomg stone in the Talang Anau this form is not uniform, only shaped like a normaly stones.
Stone Talempong Talang Anau this location approximately 38 kilometers from the Payakumbuh city towards the direction Suliki.

Legend Talempong Batu Talang Anau

Talempong first found this stone on the hill into Padang Aro.By a youth named Syamsudin collected place that is now located.

Start Syamsudin story begins collecting stones talempong Syamsudin this was a dream three times in succession came by his parents in a dream is to be Syamsudin collect stone talempong on a main bamboo tree ( talang= minang language) that have near Enau tree (language minang= Anau).

Strangely Syamsudin move stones that are large with braided coconut lidi-hijau.Stone in the rock as the bell lead to cattle pens, quite sizable distance about one kilo meters from the place now.

After the stones have whimsicality Syamsudin going on, sometimes he disappears and appears somewhere where suddenly from somewhere.Because often disappear, giving people around the degree Syamsudin, Syamsudin lord nan lost.

After so long disappeared suddenly Syamsudin lord nan lost and disappear in order to maintain that the stones are good.And when the blast talempong stone should ask permission first way to burn incense and white.

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West Sumatra Culture’s Week 2009

In 12  till 18 July, 2009 at Aditiawarman Museum Padang, the Culture and Tourism Office of  West Sumatra province government will held West Sumatra Culture’s Week 2009. On this event, there will perform minang’s arts, and it will partaking all artists of West Sumatra province.

On this year the West Sumatra Culture’s Week will take a theme “Preserving the Local Culture of  Supporting the National Culture to Developing Tourism Industry In West Sumatra Province”

Beside local artist, this event also will exhibit from overseas artists, such as Malaysia, Singapore, and Korea. West Sumatra Culture’s Week 2009 will full of arts performant, interesting tourism event to visit in Padang city, have a nice watching!

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Rabab or fiddle is one of the traditional art Minagkabau a musical instrument played with

a violin ditegakan not like the violin, in general, disandang dibahu while digesek. In this rabab told stories about life in general is customary background / Minang culture.

Rabab closely related to the presence of Islam in the entrance Miangkabau especially the coastal area of the western part of the Sumatra. Rabab famous Minangkabau in the course of ordinary South Coastal Pasisie called Rabab, an art of oral tradition or as “bakaba“. Art tradition rabab pasisie usually show a fitter rabab (violin), a drum craftsman, a craftsman and dendang (usually women). Wind rabab also double as pencerita.

Sekulumit This is the story of my life when rabab enjoy the whole night, after around 1990 after the World Cup in Italy, I leave to the holiday home. Muko-Muko of North Bengkulu (the border-Sumbar Bengkulu) where I worked a while, I through to the coastal road along the west coast Sumatra. Trip starts from Muko-Muko district border entry Pinang City, Lunang, Kambang, Batang Kapas, Painan capital of South Coastal districts, Bungus enter the city with the time of the about 10 hours, while the narrow road, an average of the steep cliff on the line coast, some asphalt road and not in operation.

Travel is tiring enough, but quite consoled with spectacular coastal area of the beautiful blue ocean with the sun glint diterpa blazing noon, sloping beaches with nyiur flow, small islands are scattered, “the foot” small steep waves no dihembas time, fishing boats with a variety of screen color Warni.

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