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Batu Basurek, Inscription on Adityawarman The King Pagaruyung.

batu-basurekBatu Basurek citadel located at Kubur Rajo village, Lima Kaum Sub distric is 4 km from the Batusangkar.Batu basurek is located at the top of the graves of the king Adityawarman.inscription Batu Basurek any posts were written with it in ancient sanskerta.Batu Basurek is 25 cm wide 80 cm high with a thickness 10 cm and weight of 50 kg.

Batu Basurek has aged 659 year. This discovery inscription is written in the first
16 December 1880 by P.H. Van Hengst, Assistant Resident Tanah Datar. Prof. H Kern, an expert from the Netherlands, who he first discussed with the inscription any posts Java Ancient Sanskrit language it. In the 1917 he is to translate the contents: “Adityawarman strong forward, he Kanakamedinindra authorities or Suwarnadwipa (Sumatra or Golden Land). Adwayawarman father. He Indra family.”

Adityawarman born from the womb Dara Jingga, daughter of the king Darmasraya located at the Batanghari river, Jambi. His father, Adwayawarman earlier, relatives Singosari palace.

Have, in 1292 China’s Kublai Khan Singosari attack. And his brother Dara Jingga, Dara Petak, bring the army to help Singosari. Unfortunately, Singosari fall, and eventually mastered Jayakatwang. Then Raden Wijaya Jayakatwang move and rename it into the kingdom of Majapahit. Raden Wijaya married Dara Petak. Dara Jingga make the Adwayawarman. Once married, Dara Jingga invites her husband back to Darmasraya – and Adityawarman was born.

After Majapahit for various services, so the king finally Adityawarman in Darmasraya. He moved the kingdom’s Siguntur (Sawahlunto Sijunjung) to Pagaruyung.

Until now the Pagaruyung still have differences of opinion whether Adityawarman Minangkabau king or king Pagaruyung only. Because, at that time that the king in The Limo Kaum, Pariangan, Tanah Datar and the other, is Datuk Parpatih Nan Sabatang and Datuk Katamanggungan. “Adityawarman a sumando not more, (the husband of the Minangkabau).

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Talempong Batu Unique from Talang Anau

batutalempongTalang Anau in Suliki Payakumbuh , there is a tourism object that it is not unique and are sure we will reality. a Talempong made of stone. Talempong is a musical instrument traditional Minangkabau, West Sumatera is normal made of brass metal.made resembles a small gong. Use art to accompany dance, arts randai or as a musical instrument to accompany The time or Minang songs. But is there in the Talempong Talang Anau is not made of metal or the like brass but talempong here made from natural stone which they say was taken from the stones found in the mountains around Talang Anau.

So sound? Do the same with the sound of talempong made of brass material? Once beaten sound same to.Strange is why the sound of stones can be the same as the sound metal.That are unique Stone Talempong in Talang Anau.

If the form is not seen with the same form talempong used in Ranah Minang, talempomg stone in the Talang Anau this form is not uniform, only shaped like a normaly stones.
Stone Talempong Talang Anau this location approximately 38 kilometers from the Payakumbuh city towards the direction Suliki.

Legend Talempong Batu Talang Anau

Talempong first found this stone on the hill into Padang Aro.By a youth named Syamsudin collected place that is now located.

Start Syamsudin story begins collecting stones talempong Syamsudin this was a dream three times in succession came by his parents in a dream is to be Syamsudin collect stone talempong on a main bamboo tree ( talang= minang language) that have near Enau tree (language minang= Anau).

Strangely Syamsudin move stones that are large with braided coconut lidi-hijau.Stone in the rock as the bell lead to cattle pens, quite sizable distance about one kilo meters from the place now.

After the stones have whimsicality Syamsudin going on, sometimes he disappears and appears somewhere where suddenly from somewhere.Because often disappear, giving people around the degree Syamsudin, Syamsudin lord nan lost.

After so long disappeared suddenly Syamsudin lord nan lost and disappear in order to maintain that the stones are good.And when the blast talempong stone should ask permission first way to burn incense and white.

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Mentawai Adventure

mentawai51Mentawai Adventure is among the very first companies based in the Mentawai Archipelago, operating a land based Surf Resort.

Do we really need to tell you that the Mentawai Islands are one of the world’s most consistent surf destinations? If you surf, you already know that! The Mentawai are directly exposed to the Indian Ocean “roaring forties” swell. From April to October, the dry season, surfers, from intermediate to advanced, will find in the Mentawai the best surf experience of their lives. Moreover, the potential for fishing, snorkelling and eco-tourism is quite remarkable. Mentawai Adventure organizes also a wide range of easy treks and activities in these off-the-beaten-track islands, allowing you some extras or your friend to enjoy a trek while you surf.

mentawai1Organized in close cooperation with certain Mentawai tribes, Mentawai Adventure offers you the opportunity to live on Siloinak, a quiet deserted island situated right in one of the best surf spots in the world. Mentawai Adventure offers a surf experience that you will never forget, thanks to the quality of our surf guides. All born in the area, they learned to surf with the first pioneers who dared venture there, 15 years ago. They know all the best spots, according to swell, tide and winds. With them, you will surf far from the crowds (and ‘crowds’ is anyway something of an overstatement…) in a radius of 15 miles from our resort; an area that includes 21 of the most consistent waves in the world, plus the “secret” ones never visited by charter boats… Our packages include all services, starting every Monday from Padang airport or hotel, ending every Wednesday at the same place.

Packages include mainland and island transfers, surfing speedboat service, accommodation, food during your stay in our resort…and of course some of the best guides available to this day!

The waves

Some of the better known waves near the resort are: E- bay, Pitstop,

Burgerworld, Beng-Beng, Bankvaults, Nipussi, Hideways, Nokandui, 4-bobs, A Frames, Kandui,. You will surf far from the crowds (and ‘crowds’ is anyway something of an overstatement…) in a radius of 15 miles from our resort; an area that includes 21 of the most consistent waves in the world, plus the

“secret” ones seldom visited by charter boats…

mentawai2The resort

Our traditional bungalow resort is built on Siloinak, a small, palm-covered island situated 3 kilometers south of Siberut. Siloinak is the exclusive property of Mentawai Adventure. There are twelve bungalows, each sleeping two guests, and a restaurant. Everything combines to make your stay a heavenly experience: comfort, good food, coconut palm-fringed beaches, a shaded lagoon

of emerald water, magnificent aquatic wildlife and SURF, SURF!.The uma

A large uma, the traditional Mentawai long house, offers a spacious living area for eating and partying. Its 80 m2 dining room and lounge offers splendid views over the lagoon, and the ultimate luxury: beauty, space -lots of space- and comfort.

The Bungalows

The bungalows are spaced out in a large flower garden, so as to preserve guests’ privacy, and look out to the sea, 50 feet away. They accommodate 2 guests each. Single occupancy is possible, at an extra cost. Pillows, sheets and mosquito nets are of course provided, along with bathroom towels.

The architecture of the facilities is in keeping with the same aesthetic

spirit that prevails on the entire island.


Mentawai Adventure takes great care in the quality of food served, and pays special attention to aesthetics, from details like the dishes and cutlery to the harmony of the settings in the dining room. We share the soul of the Mentawai people; we too honour beauty and harmony with nature. A professional cook prepares the meals, based on fresh fruit, vegetables and meat shipped weekly from the mainland. Rice, together with good Italian pasta “al dente” are the main staple, with fresh fish direct from the sea, daily delivered and fried, baked, curried or barbequed on the beach. Three hot meals a day, with breakfasts consisting of omelettes, pancakes, French Toast, cereals, fruits, cheese, butter and jam. Lunch is very often taken onboard our speedboats or on a remote

beach: classic sandwiches and salads, fruits and desserts, along withtea and coffee, and surf snacks.. Dinner is quite a serious affair with an “entrée”, main course, salads, cheese and dessert. Cold beer is available.


Due to its geographical situation Siloinak Island is totally protected from any possible tsunami coming from the Indian Ocean. The waves would break on the islands of Nyang-Nyang and Siberut and would not reach Siloinak, which is known as the safest harbour in the area. Fishermen’s boats shelter there during storms. There are no objective dangers on Siloinak. No snakes and no mosquitoes or flies. In case a medical emergency should occur, our speedboats could reach Padang hospital in 6 hours, weather permitting.

Getting There

  • Take flight from Sukarno Hatta air port, Jakarta to Tabing air port, Padang-west Sumatra (flight served every day)
  • Trip from Teluk Bayur port, Padang to Mentawai island by Ferry


Based on the visitor experience, the local people’s housing is the best choice to stay. Having interactions with local people and staying in unique architectures give the visitors distinctive way to blend with the culture. But, there are also common accommodations available.

Moving Around

To access all the beauties offered, you can use boat owned by local people. You can find the boat a long the beach and the rate depend on your bargaining power.

Boost your taste with exotic and fresh sea foods that you can found in the local restaurants run by local people. If you are lucky enough, you can pick and cook your own sea food, but make sure you know the secret recipe/spices from Mentawais people. For those who are not sea food lover, you can find regular meals for your dining.

Other Things to See or Do

Beach Activities

  • Sight seeing
  • Diving
  • Snorkeling

Cultural Activities

  • Learn how to perform the Traditional dances (war dance and gratitude to nature)
  • Traditional ceremonies
  • Mentawai is one of the best place to conduct an Ethnographic study since its one of the oldest tribe in Indonesia

Ecotourism Activities

As the habitat for rare primate, the natural rain forest of Mentawai will be the perfect place for research or other educational purpose. Here, you can conduct research about

  • Snub-nosed monkey/Simakobu (Simias concolor) monkey family eat leaf as primary food
  • Joja or Lutung Mentawai (Presbytis potenziani) easily identified for the long tail, white face and black hair head
  • Bokkoi atau Beruk Mentawai (Macaca pagensis)
  • Kloss Gibbon/Bilou or Siamang Kerdil (Hylobates klossii) famous for the beautiful voice, different compared to general monkey

More info about Mentawai Island, please click here.

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